McDuJo Gospel Music

Patricia is a multi-talented contemporary Gospel singer/writer/performer/producer with a smooth and vibrant voice. She is also an evangelist of Seed of Faith Ministries.

Professional Life

Born and raised in Washington, D.C. into a family of musicians, singers and writers, Patricia has been singing and performing on stage and in churches since her early teens, including performances at

She had a national R&B hit single, Love Brought You Here, written and produced by her cousins Robert, Richard, and Jacqueline Poindexter; who also wrote and produced the classic, Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Love Brought You Here was released on Win or Lose label and distributed by Atlantic Records. She toured the nation to promote this hit single, performing in concerts and on the renowned television show, Soul Train.

Patricia was also an original member of the famous singing group Sweet Honey in the Rock for four years. She wrote and recorded several songs with the group. A Woman, written by Patricia and sung by the group, was included on the No Nukes compilation project, released by Elektra Asylum Records.

Spiritual Life

“I’ve always believed in God,” says Patricia LaVerne McQueen. Patricia, known as the “Word Singer,” was born and raised in the church; but it was not until she moved to the Los Angeles area that she experienced such a pouring forth of the Word of God, that she became hungry for and committed to studying and living the faith she had known from childhood. “I believe that God is looking for committed people, now more than ever before, because the time is short for Jesus’ return.”

For Patricia, being committed means using the voice God gave her as a vehicle for Him to spread His Word, to save souls and build up saints. She says, “God showed me that I had to use His gifts to glorify Him, because He’s the Gift Giver. So the music I sing is part of a vision in which God is moving in these last days.”

Time has enhanced Patricia’s God given ability to enter the listener’s personal space, touch the core of joy and soothe the root of pain. As an ordained minister of the Gospel, Patricia has recently launched her new ministry, A Sermon in Song. This ministry is a mixture of scriptures and songs with music accompaniment and a specific theme. It is a message from God set to music.